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Thank you!

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I am Harvin, the founder of harvinoslogos. I am an absolute nerd when it comes to brands and design! 


I want to be part of a world where small and medium-sized businesses can safely build their audience and grow to compete with the bigger players. 

My dream is to help create as many Iconic brands that lead, innovate, and foster creativity across the board. Inspiring leaders to lead through creativity is my passion. 

That is why I want to work with you.


Keep scrolling to see if we are a great match.


Brands Bring Business to Life: A Story

I never understood why I needed brand consulting or creative design. I already was having success in my business. After months of deliberation with myself, I stumbled on this website. By the time I could stop, I had already filled out the "Tell Me More" section. I dismissed it and did not expect them to reach out. Three questions it's all it took. 


Why a chef? 


I lived my life for food. 

I even dreamed of food. 

My parents were unfortunately horrible cooks.


I cannot recall ever having family dinner unless it was bought or prepared by our relatives. We ate out of containers and take-out boxes. The memories that stuck were when we ate in front of the TV. Time and time again, we would watch movies during holiday dinners with the family around the table. I sought to recreate that experience for others and help valuable foster memories around food. Captivated by their smiles and laughter. The need for it created a burning desire in my stomach. 


So, I became a Chef, and I opened a restaurant.


What changed?


After five years, I lost my way. I became another business owner going through the motions of staying in the profit margins, slowly forgetting why I opened this restaurant in the first place. I no longer thought of the families and the memories or why I wanted to cook. 


What do you seek now? 


To Expand my clientele from just high-end and business but also to their families. 


The result: A complete transformation, a story, a logo, and a brand strategy that I believed in and appealed to my customers. The revamp seeped so deep that a change in the restaurant's aesthetic and interior design only felt necessary. It even influenced how we involved ourselves with locals, community organizations, and family businesses, helping us bring them together as a community. Now my cooking and brand are also part of families' joyous moments, and I am now part of people's holidays. Living the dream, I once had as a child.


Harvinoslogos ignited my desire to achieve my childhood dream. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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