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Fries and Smiles

Being a black person in our society is not an easy task. We must struggle with the issues within our community on-top of dealing with oppressive and systemic forces. The capitalist system that we've been raised in can influence us to think in an individualistic way, and standing alone yields no power to stand our ground. To resolve some of these problems, we must work/learn as a community to resist the oppressive pressures as a unit.

Working and learning as a community means supporting each other's businesses, ambitions, & art. Instead of buying from Walmart, or Costco let's try to purchase from  local black-owned businesses. To add, we must discuss the limitations that are set upon us. We must understand our history and our origins. As the saying goes, "to educate is to liberate."

By following these guidelines, we can move forward and reinvest and help our brothers and sisters abroad. Our brothers and sisters are facing different struggles from us, but we must first build a foundation so that we can support them.

ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER, we must protect and support each other no matter where we are.

For those who do not identify as the descendants of the African Diaspora, you are also part of the movement, because staying silent is no longer an option. If you witness a member of your entourage speaking ill, or harassing a person of color, speak up. Suppose you notice an innocent civilian being criminalized by authorities because of the color of their skin, speak up. If you are deciding what new food you want to try, buy black. Most importantly, question the systems around you, and try to understand why things are the way they are. All to say, this is how you can help us.

With that said, thank you for visiting Harvinos Hub.

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