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How Brands Resemble People

Have you ever wondered why some companies invest thousands or even millions of dollars in their branding?


Well, the answer is quite simple. Like us, companies want recognition for who they are, what they do, and why they do it. 


Like us, a company needs a proper name, personality, and "raison d'être" to stand out from the crowd.


Like you, a company wants to be different from everyone around it, and it needs its personal space to grow, develop projects, collaborate with others, and be heard by its intended audience. 


Companies who invest in branding understand that they need to connect with their audience. Without this connection, they are just another business trying to make money.


Just like us, why would we want to interact with a person's name or story purpose if we do not know them?




The proper branding will:


  • Capture your audience's attention

  • Help you stand out

  • Deliver a consistent message

  • Promote your purpose

  • Enhance perceived value

  • Creates a community around your offerings

Branding a business is not easy contrary to some beliefs, and slapping a logo on a product is not branding. Just like knowing someone's name and how they look is not knowing WHO that person is. Branding consists of messaging, voice, tone, colors, essence, purpose, emotions, ideas, communities, and most importantly, people.


You are right if you want to create a brand that connects to your audience through emotion and a sense of community. 


Let's work together.

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